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Industry and trade introduction
Relying on the port resources, we have introduced stainless steel and grain oil industry and purchased non-ferrous metal enterprises to construct a whole supply chain of “port, logistics, trade and industry”. The trade business fully supports the growth of throughput capacity and development of the Group, reduces the costs in industry and realizes its sound development by expanding market-oriented business. Aiming at promoting the development of port and shipping services, we actively enhance the connection between industry & trade and other businesses by extending the upstream and downstream of our industrial chain.
Industry and trade
Nickel (stainless steel)
Chengde group is located in Beihai City, Tieshan'gang Coastal Industrial Park, covers an area of 3500 acres, a total i...
Iron and steel company is mainly engaged in joint steel (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. annual output of 3 million 500 thousand t...
Nonferrous Metals
China Tin Group Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group specialized in nonferrous me...
Oil & Grease
Guangxi Beigang Oils Co., Ltd.(Beigang Oils)is one of wholly-owned subsidiaries of Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Po...
The Group provides services of domestic & foreign bulk commodity purchasing & selling, supply chain finance, logistics...